We’re at work on two new projects!

Cosmic Playtester
I just wrote and directed a sci-fi short film about grief, boardgames, and aliens. it’s called Cosmic Playtester and we’re hoping to be through post by late spring:

Turning Your Body Into A Compass
I’m also one of the video producers on a really exciting 360-degree fiction piece called Turning Your Body Into A Compass!

CultureHub and Chaotic Sequence Productions are thrilled to announce the premiere of turning your body into a compass, by award-winning human rights playwright Catherine Filloux. Shot as a 360 LiveStream Web production, it tells the urgent story of two women who understand that the question of a child’s right to survive and thrive is one we all need to confront every minute of every day.

turning your body into a compass will be livestreamed on May 13, 2019, at 3pm, Eastern Standard Time, at this link:
Subsequently the web story will be archived.

Directed by Daria Sommers
Produced by Daria Sommers and Arthur Vincie
Theater Director: DeMone Seraphin, The New American Theatre Company, NY Associate Producer and Outreach Coordinator: Alexa Jordan