Three Trembling Cities

A new award-winning fiction webseries on the inner lives and daily struggles of NYC’s immigrants. The first season follows two circles of fictional immigrants, who’ve come from all over the world, as they juggle jobs, relationships, family expectations, and their own dreams. Their stories are intercut with interviews with immigrants who’ve faced parallel issues.

Now available on multiple platforms, including YouTube, Stareable,, Viddsee,, and others.

Best Drama, Minnesota Webfest
Best Drama, UK Webfest
Best Webseries, Gullah International Film Festival
Best Multicultural Webseries, Baltimore New Media Webfest
Made In New York Award, Brooklyn Webfest
Best Diverse Representation, Toronto Webfest
Best Drama, Philly TV Fest

Official selection
HollyWeb Festival, IndieBOOM! Festival, DTLA, Grove Film Festival, Roma Webfest, StareableFest, Katra Film Series, Irondale ‘Not Normal’, New York Public Library’s Immigrant Heritage Week, Universe Multicultural Film Festial, Global Web Series Festival, SetNYC Series, Calcutta International Cult Film Festival, Kew Gardens Festival of Cinema, KWC FilmFest, Bilbao Seriesfest, others.

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Cosmic Playtester

A new short about grief, boardgames, and aliens. Winner, Best Short Film, GenCon 2020 Film Festival. Official Selection, Art of Brooklyn Film Festival.

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The Art and Business Of Making Media

The art and business of making media

An ongoing series of videos analyzing films, incorporating your business, and navigating some of the logistical and business issues involved in film/tv/web creation.

Now on YouTube!

Turning Your Body Into A Compass

We are so pleased to partner with playwright Catherine Filloux and CultureHub to come aboard as video producers for this 360 livestream on May 13th.  Directed by Daria Sommers.

Found In Time

Sci-fi feature. Chris is a psychic who lives his life out of order, slipping between the past, present and future. But when he commits a murder in his future, he realizes he has to get control of his ‘gift,’ and change his past and present to prevent it. But how can he do that if he’s not even sure of when he is?

Best Feature, Art of Brooklyn Film Festival
Best Feature, Space and Time Film Festival
Best Sci-Fi Feature: Shriekfest, Genre Celebration (Tokyo), Shockerfest, Intendence, Phoenix Comic-Con, ZedFest.

Available now on Amazon, on digital and BluRay. You can also order it from our official website.

Preparing For Takeoff

Preparing For Takeoff

A comprehensive, nuts-and-bolts guide to preproduction, from both the producer’s and director’s points of view. Published by Focal Press. Available now on Amazon.

The official book site has additional sample budgets, forms, and other materials you can download for free!