Interview on Off Center

In 2015 I was interviewed by Abdulai Jalloh for his wonderful art/music/culture show Off Center.

Fast, Cheap Movie Thoughts

In November 2015 I was interviewed by the awesome indie filmmaker John Gaspard for his monthly blog Fast, Cheap Movie Thoughts.

GenreTainment Podcast

In October 2015 I was on the GenreTainment podcast, a show interviewing sci-fi/fantasy/horror authors, filmmakers, and artists. Produced by Marx Pyle, author of Television on the Wild Wild Web, a must-have book for webseries creators

Sci-Fi Saturday Night

In late 2014 I was a guest on the wonderful podcast Sci-Fi Saturday Night, a Boston-based sci-fi/horror/genre filmmaker/author/actor-focused ‘cast that’s had some great interviews and reviews.

World-Building on a Budget, at UAT

In 2013 I was invited by the University of Advanced Technology in Arizona to talk about how to ‘do sci-fi on a budget.’