Question Reality

Over the past few years, Chaotic Sequence has made a series of experimental shorts, each dealing with the broad concepts of vision (how we see), reality (what we perceive vs. what’s really ‘out there’), and story (how we weave what we see into a narrative). These films have screened at galleries, festivals, classrooms, and other venues, across the US and Europe.

In many ways these films are ‘Chaotic Sequences,’ a collection of seemingly unrelated and random images that magically coalesce into coherent narratives.

The Prayer Tree

Using layers of stills, water tank photography and other footage, a car ride taken as a child is compared to the end of a relationship.
International Poetic Short Festival, Seguin Art Fest.


Weid is the ancient Indo-European root of ‘vision,’ ‘wisdom,’ ‘history,’ ‘envy.’ A collage of stills looks at what we see, to find patterns or meanings underneath.

Secret Language

Are there messages hidden inside our everyday environment?


Grief, time and memory. Music by Arvo Part.


See the world on the quantum-mechanical/spiritual scale, where matter is more like an ever-changing artist’s canvas than a solid thing.